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Never being one to shirk a challenge, Goff booked a passage for himself, his family and the lorry on the P&O liner Oronsay, sailing from Southampton for garage door opener off track There were no container ships as such in those days so the lorry was craned into the luggage hold of the ship. The rally was an international affair and around 300 cars and motorcycles came from all over the world to take part. The Albion was one of few true commercial vehicles taking part.

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The rally was organised so vehicles of all ages and capabilities could take part, and to accommodate this there were several alternative routes. However, this was no countryjaunt and garage door opener off track part in the event took him and the Albion over a mountainous route covering around 800 miles. Naturally, supplies of fuel, water and food were taken on board at every stage, but Goff told me that at every town or settlement people turned out in their hundreds to see the vehicles go by and were kind and generous in every way in fact he said that when he stopped at garages to refuel the owners often said: “Oh no, have this on us mate!” There was also plenty of back-up available in the event of breakdowns. However, tows and spare parts were not needed as the little lorry made light work of the climbs and long stretches of open road. Overheating was a problem at times, but otherwise routine maintenance was all that was required and Goff said: “It never missed a beat.

” There was no direct shipping service on the return trip to England so, having been loaded at Auckland, the lorrywas craned off again at Sydney, Australia, where it was entered for a local rally. Once again the Albion attracted much local attention and Goff was awarded a boomerang as a prize in the hope that he would one day return. On returning to England Goff was approached by Michael Banfield to see ifhe would take partina garage door opener off track of vintage vehicles in Brussels in connection with the UK’s entry into what was then simply known as the Common Market. The parade set off from Horse Guards Parade in London and was seen off by the then Prime Minister Ted Heath. The plaque presented on the occasion ofthe official visit to Brussels.



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