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The firm was originally known as the Albion Motor Car Company and retained that name until 1930 when it became simply Albion Motors. The production of commercial vehicles really took off at the famous Scotstoun factory following a large order for three-ton chain-driven lorries for the War Department in the First World War. In 1926 the Albion featured here Model SB. 24 chassis number 4039L was sold via garage door opener on sale main dealers McAra to Keiller’s of Dundee, the famous jam and marmalade manufacturer.

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It can only be assumed that Keiller’s was such a good client of McAra that it supplied its new vehicles with rather smart side-view mirrors engraved with Keiller’s name and alongside Albion’s own badge. The lorry spent the first years of its working life delivering the firm’s products until sold on to a wholesale confectionery company, also based in Dundee, where it gave many more years of faithful service. Little is known of the subsequent history of the lorry until one day in the 1960s when it was discovered laying in a scrapyard in Warwickshire but that was some way in the future. Our garage door opener on sale begins earlier than that when Goff Radcliffe, later to become MD of the well-respected firm of theatre carmen and specialist removals contractors, was called up for National Service.

He was posted to the RAOC garage door opener on sale at Bicester. It was a sleepy establishment, which meant that most of the soldiers would be allowed out of the barracks from Friday afternoon until the following Monday morning. In Goff’s battalion there were quite a few Londoners, and the local coach company ran a regular Friday out, back Sunday service. The tickets were expensive so Goff decided to start up a pirate coach service, which was illegal but, by some very good luck, he was never caught and built up quite a decent amount of money in the bank. Upon demob Goff had enough cash to buy a greengrocers shop that also had an Austin K2 Luton-bodied van undertaking local removals.



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