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Goff went to see it for himself

Thus began the start of Goff’s long history in the transport industry In the mid-1960s Goff became aware of a vintage vehicle club that undertook a run for vintage commercials from London to Brighton. It must be said that the HCVS, as it is now called, was born out of the love for commercial vehicles of the late Michael Banfield. The coincidence here is that both he and Goff were on the same school bus together in the 1950s. Later on Michael was running his famous coach business nearby to Herne Hill where Goff’s removals business was based, and he was invited by Michael to Battersea Park one Sunday morning to see the old vehicles pull garage door opener only works sometimes bound for Brighton.

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Goff was spellbound and there and then he vowed to find a vintage lorry for himself. In 1968 Goffwas talking about his quest to well-respected author and vintage vehicle collector Nick Baldwin, who told him of an old Albion that was looking very sorry for itself in a Warwickshire scrapyard. Goff went to see it for himself and, the moment he did, he knew it was the one for garage door opener only works sometimes The poor condition of the lorry did not give him too much concern for, being in the transport business, there were always times when his fitters could spend some time on restoring it and, as his office was only a few yards away, he could spend a lot of his own spare time on the restoration.

Goff even had an extension telephone on his fitter’s workbench so he could carry on working on the lorry without having to keep nipping back to his office! Before setting off from Horse Guards Paradefor Brussels, Goffwas seen off by thethen Prime Minister Edward Heath,who negotiated the UK's entryinto theCommon Market. garage door opener only works sometimes present included Michael Banfield and the chairman of the VCC. The basic horn and ornate mirror, showing how every opportunity was taken to advertise Albion Motors and its customers. If counted in man hours the costs would have been horrendous, as the work needed on the mechanics of the vehicle was extensive. When at last that side of the job was finished Goff turned to the task of restoring the body and building a new cab.



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