Whats more garage door opener opens but does not close

On an garage door opener opens but does not close

So once again the Albion was on the way to Brighton driven by Goff’s son Les and, fittingly, co-driven by Steve Mountford, for whom Les worked as an garage door opener opens but does not close years ago. In fact Steve was the very workshop manager who, with Goff, had carried out much of the original restoration work back at Lambeth in the Sixties. Sadly, and for the first time that Goff can remember, the old girl suffered from a fuel feed problem on the way down and, despite the team’s best efforts, did not make it across the finishing line under its own power.

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Even so, as it stood on its trailer on Brighton seafront, the Albion looked resplendent and Goff was adamant that he would do it all again this year. used as an advert for Goff Radcliffe's theatre carmen business. On an garage door opener opens but does not close block or cylinder head you will see round plugs in various places. These are core plugs, sometimes referred to as freeze plugs, but they are actually plugs used to cover the holes that were left when the block or head was cast; the internal cavities were formed during the casting process by using a core of moulding sand the shape of the final waterway. Once cast it is impossible to remove these sand cores in one piece, so the holes are used to position the cores at the moulding stage, and also to allow the sand cores to be broken up after casting.

Once the sand is cleaned out, the external hole is machined to take a core plug, of which there are two main types the Welch plug or the cup plug. The story goes that one of the brothers had garage door opener opens but does not close a screw-in type plug that was used back in those early motoring days, so he knocked a '/2$ coin into the hole instead. From this they devised the idea of the dished plug and took out a patent, and were the only manufacturers of Welch plugs until the patent expired. On the left ofihe picture are Welch plugs and, on the right, cup plugs. A Ferguson tractor block fitted with Welch plugs they don't look too bad at this point.



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