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Powering the DAF were the WS L and

” The excellent ride and handling qualities of the 85 Series chassis was the result of an extensive research programme to develop a chassis which minimised vehicle roll. Computer-aided garage door opener operation techniques and test rigs which pushed chassis prototypes beyond breaking points were employed during the research and development phase of the project to develop the new trucks. DAF claimed that the cab on the 85 Series offered the largest usable workspace ofany cab in its class.

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Photo DAF Archive. The instruments and controls were well laid out and included a central warning system which provided information on the condition ofthe vehicle. Photo DAF Archive. Powering the DAF 85 were the WS 242L and 286L 12-litre six-cylinder turbocharged ATi engines and paired with a choice of either a 16-speed ZF synchromesh gearbox or the 12-speed Eaton Twin garage door opener operation gearbox.

These both were combined with a 420mm diameter single plate, hydraulically garage door opener operation clutch with air power assistance to make the optimum use of engine torque. Another feature which added to the ‘driveability’ of the new DAF was the availability as an option of the EGAS cruise control system. Commercial Motor commented: “For sheer ease of use and driver comfort it is difficult to fault EGAS. It takes all the hassle out of motorway running and by using the increase/reduce slider you can tailor it to varying traffic conditions with the greatest of ease. It also remembers the last speed setting, which can be reactivated by the touch of a button.



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