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On meeting with Peter last year Goff

mainland was someT-Cutand a good waxing! The Albion travelled under its own power via Dover and Calais to Brussels and again proved what a reliable vehicle it was. The purpose of thejourney was not only to commemorate our entry into the market, but to let the Brussels lawmakers know that FIVA was a force to be garage door opener options with because of the very enthusiastic and influential body of people in this country who love veteran and vintage vehicles and who wish to keep them operating on our roads. It could be said that Goffs Albion was instrumental in this endeavour. Bythe early 1980s, as his business expanded, Goff s collection of vintage vehicles had outgrown the space available and, with some regret he decided to downsize his collection, including the Albion.

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Goff subsequently regretted having sold it and, in later years, he discovered it had turned up in the collection of a friend ofhis, Peter Jones, on the Isle ofMan. Peter is a respected collector of garage door opener options vehicles and his collection also included a very rare Albion car. On meeting with Peter last year Goff told him how much he missed his old lorry. Goff describes Peter as “one oflife’s true gentlemen” and, with typical unselfish kindness and much to Goff’s surprise and joy, Peter agreed to let the old girl go back to her original home.

Over the intervening years Goff had downsized his collection and retired to smaller premises, and he told me: “Of all the vehicles that I could have bought back the Albion was the one I liked best. I couldn’t tell you how pleased I was when I collected it from the IoM ferry at Heysham” Thanks to Peter Jones, the original hand-painted signwriting had not been touched, the vehicle looked as good as new, and it was testimony to the original restoration. Goff described the vehicle as “a 45-year-old time capsule” as it looked just the same as when he last saw it. All that was needed by way of attention was “a serious wash and brush-up. ” Goff entered his 1910 International lorry in the 2015 London to Brighton run and decided that the Albion should go too to celebrate its garage door opener options



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