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Upon inspection Goff saw that

He was halfway through drawing up plans for this when he got to hear that a farmer in Penhurst, Kent, could possibly have an old Albion lorry cab in his barn that was intended for use as a summerhouse. Having found out the location Goff took a chance and called on him. At first the farmer was very garage door opener outlet location of this unknown man knocking at his door asking if he happened to have an old lorry cab and, if so, could he have a look at it? The farmer was taking his time thinking about this request so Goff played his trump card and showed him some photographs of the cabless Albion.

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He could see that Goff was genuine but was still not convinced. After more conversation on the farmhouse doorstep he was rewarded with the words: “You’d better have a look at it then”. Upon inspection Goff saw that not only was the cab in good garage door opener outlet location but amazingly it was just the right type and period for his Albion. To say that Goff was excited would be an understatement. At this point he was expecting to engage in some hard bargaining with the farmer but he must have believed his sincerity for he said: “It seems that your need is greater than mine.

Have this one on me!” The milk of human kindness was indeed flowing that day! Goff arranged for one ofhis vehicles to collect the cab, which was taken back to the workshop, and what’s more it fitted perfectly A new wooden dropside body was fabricated, with a hard canvas covered tilt of a pattern fitted to similar lorries of the period. Goff and his fitters worked every free bit of garage door opener outlet location spare time on the Albion until it was fully restored and Goff was finally able to fulfil his ambition of taking part in the annual London to Brighton commercial vehicle run in1971, where it was awarded the cup for first prize in its class. That same year the lorry took part and was once again a prizewinner in the Trans-Pennine run from Manchester to Harrogate, one of the most testing road runs in the UK but that was nothing compared to the adventures yet to come. Simple chassis layout but with substantial rear springs made for rough working conditions. Following this success Goff and his family were asked by friends if they would take part with the Albion in the 1972 International Vintage Vehicle Rally, hosted by New Zealand’s North Island, that year.



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