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It’s nice to see a British industrial success story for a change! This one just needs a clean and service. This S Smith & Sons Ltd rev counter is also in my repair 'queue'. It apparently came out of an RAF air-sea rescue launch, and once registered the speed of a marine version of a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. As well as work on the cab, a replacement Gardner garage door opener pad had to be fitted.

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Bought for Ian Thompson as a 21st birthday present in 1979, the '75 Atky Borderer GGR 575N is the gift that keeps on giving. Although only worked by Ian for about five years, rather than being sold on it was put under a sheet for 25 years until Ian had the time to give it a full restoration. He shows Bob Tuck how much enjoyment this very special classic can still generate. It wasn’t exactly the motor Ian Thompson was looking for: “We were after an garage door opener pad Borderer with the eight-potter engine,” he says, “but secondhand ones with the Gardner 240 just didn’t seem to be around.

But the good thing about GGR was that it was a local motor and we knew how little work it had done as actually it had been driven by a cousin of mine, and we knew he was a steady guy. ” So, no surprise that when he heard it was on the market in June 1979, Ian’s father Henry did the deal with its owner Bob Oxley and the 4x2 tractor unit changed hands. And while it was only plated for 5 tons garage door opener pad combination weight for reasons we’ll explain later with the right, light semi-trailer, Ian could regularly carry 20-ton payloads. Every motor generally has a fixed cycle of working life and the Atky gave the father and son haulage concern of HP Thompson & Son about another five years of very reliable service.



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