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Ian s father Henry Pallister

But when time was called in the mid ‘80s, it wasn’t sold on or garage door opener parts chamberlain But to find out why it was just pushed under a sheet and left for something like 25 years, you have to delve into the Thompson genes and try and discover just what makes them tick. It’s part of the make-up of the road transport world that companies come and go depending on their good or bad fortune. Chester-le-Street-based HP Thompson & Son have never been the biggest haulier in the North East of England but with 65 years service currently behind them, they have been in the game longer than some.

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Ian Thompson is now an owner-driver specialising in low-loader work. Ian worked the Borderer from 1979 until 1985 on a wide variety of work. Photos Ian Thompson collection. Ian’s father, Henry Pallister Thompson or ‘Henty’ as he was normally called apparently entered the business somewhat reluctantly: “He was quite happy driving for Siddle Cook at Consett,” says Ian, “but his father my granddad, George tempted him garage door opener parts chamberlain to start as an agricultural contractor in 19

” The Thompson story is a good one and we promise we’ll come back to it at a later day. But one significant purchase by Henry in 1954 we must mention is that of a 1929 Foden over-type steam wagon. Its fair to say that more than 60 years ago, the preservation movement in the steam/petrol/diesel world was very much in its infancy as the country was still struggling to get over things like rationing after the Second World War. But being born in 1958, Ian has had a life with that garage door opener parts chamberlain steamer in particular and the preservation world in general so its not surprising that he inherited this Thompson passion for anything old. Ian was of course driving as soon as he could reach the pedals.



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