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Bill and Ail^n Mattraverstalkto BobTuckabout Porlock Hill in Somerset and this rather special Uni power that is still more than capable of pulling its weight. John Gornallll's restoration of the Atkinson Defender he bought new in 1975 reflects the epitome of the classic British eight-wheeler. It is certainly big, blue and beautiful but garage door opener parts sears one very small part of its signwriting that has the most significance.

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Taking pride of place garage door opener parts sears below the windscreen, the words 'Old Les' are a fitting reminder of its first regular driver the late Les Aung les who did something like 25 million miles behind the Atky's wheel. Volkswagen pick-up. Workshop. Archive album.

News and events, and more. Two similar Smiths clocks from the 1920s/30s. They were garage door opener parts sears fitted into the likes of an Austin or Morris. One hinges out of the dashboard to set the time and wind it, while the other has a setting/winding knob below the dial. As well as vehicles, I’ve always been interested in restoring old clocks, as I love their precision.



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