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Be aware ifthe plug has corroded it may

Fortunately, the 1in plugs for the other side of the block were the right size so all that was left to do was fit them all to the engine. To give the whole picture, I have demonstrated changing a cup plug in a Land Rover Series IIA engine block. The block in question was inherited with a load of other Land Rover stuff, and I had some cup plugs in stock as they are the same size as the ones garage door opener pictures in the Discovery TDi engine I re-plugged a couple of years ago after a major water leak.

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This was at the rear of the engine and I had to remove the engine to get at it! Wear suitable eye protection, particularly when drilling and wire wheeling. Be aware ifthe plug has corroded it may have sharp edges. Dispose of old antifreeze properly be aware it is poisonous and attractive to garage door opener pictures At this stageall you need to do is grasp hold of theold plug and pull itout.

Again theold and new plugs showwhat can happen unseen inside thewaterway. garage door opener pictures the hole out with emery or a small wire wheel until the metal is clean. A smear of RTV around the hole and the periphery ofthe new plug will ensure a perfect seal once fitted. Using a large socket or piece ofwood, tap the plug Wipe off the surplus silicone for a neat finish into the hole, keeping it as square as possible. and again the job is done simples! Some of the most testing situations seem to throw up some remarkable solutions and none was more satisfying than the time when Edward Jones'1951 Unipower Forester 4x4 timbertractor came to the rescue of BRS Scunthorpe on one of the steepest climbs in the land.



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