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The stub sticking out from the slide hammer is now screwed in, and after a few taps with the slide hammer, the plugjust pops out. This has taken longer to explain than to complete! Any thread will do, and I only used 6mm metric thread, as I had it to hand but any similar size, metric or imperial, would do. One benefit with garage door opener prices a small size is that if you drill the hole in the centre of the plug and you then find it too rotten to take a thread, you have plenty more chances around the periphery of the plug. The cup plug is usually removed by hitting the plug to one side with a suitable sized punch or drift so that it turns on its axis, giving access for a pair of pliers or grips that will then just pull out the old plug with a good tug.

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Care needs to be taken, especiallywith the smaller sized plugs, as they can be easily knocked right through into the waterway and then possibly impede the flow of water around the engine. Once the plugs are removed from the engine its now a good time to flush out the waterways, as often there are pockets of rust and sludge that can’t be accessed with the plugs in place, and if you are rebuilding the engine for another 50 years or so of work it makes sense to start off with a clean engine internally Once the engine is fully rebuilt always fill with an adequate antifreeze mixture as it also has anti-corrosive properties, especiallywith mixed garage door opener prices engines i. aluminium and cast iron, as corrosion is quicker to take a hold with just water in the system due to electrolysis between the differing metals. The engine shown in the first pictures is my TEF 20 Ferguson tractor block.

The large Welch plugs on this engine are 13/4in in diameter, and searching on the internet I found some 75mm/1^in ones listed for the TEF20 engines, and an order was sent pronto. Once ready to replace the plugs with the recesses cleaned etc. , I discovered that none of the 25 that I ordered would fit! You may ask why I ordered so many, as the Ferguson garage door opener prices and cylinder head only requires seven, or eight if you are replacing the camshaft cover in the back of the block, plus three 1in ones. The answer is that we have at least another two Ferguson engines to rebuild in the future and being frugal tight! I realised I could save on the postage. The text explainsthat I had to shave 12 thousandths of an inch off of the Welch plugs in the lathe before they would fit.



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