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While the charabanc business continued the firm had also started its first regular bus service operating on a route between Manchester and Swinton. Corporation seemingly took a dim view of this private enterprise and started to run its own service on the same route and charging discounted fares which Foster & Seddon could not compete with and they terminated their service. By 1929 the business had grown considerably but a setbackwas on the horizon and this involved the sale of a Lancia to a customer in Hampshire. The terms of the sale required the vehicle to be delivered to Hampshire but on that journey the vehicle was garage door opener programming in a serious accident.

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The findings of the subsequent court action went against Foster & Seddon which had run the vehicle on trade plates at the time of the garage door opener programming and was therefore not fully insured. The severe settlement imposed on the firm cost them nearly half its capital. REFURBISHED LEYLANDS Down they may have been but they were certainly not out and by the end of the year Herbert Sutton had agreed a deal with the disposals officer at Leylands Kingston upon Thames factory Bringing their first Leyland chassis back to the well-equipped Salford workshops marked the beginning of the firm’s new truck reconditioning and rebuilding business. This was a particularly astute move as the production ofbrand new trucks had fallen considerably, primarily due to their cost when compared to a good second-hand vehicle.

The firm quickly established a very good reputation for the quality of its rebuilt trucks which, although having started with Leyland, had now extended to include vehicles by AEC and Thornycroft. The standard of workmanship was very good and the prices for the reconditioned vehicles very competitive, and it was commented that the Foster & Seddon rebuilds were often garage door opener programming than the original trucks. Also playing a key role in the development of the business at this time was Bert Daley, apparently a rather volatile character but acting This shortwheelbase tipper features a body built byJS Robson. This Seddon was bought new by Contractors Manchester Ltd in 1 Photo Beamish Museum. Photo Teddy Beck.



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