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A 1947 Fordson 7V flatbed in verygood original condition has emerged after laying untouched in a barn for over 30 years, and has been bought at auction by a lorry enthusiast, writes Tim Bolton. The condition of the lorry is remarkable and it doesn’t appear to have been overused in the past. There is a small amount of woodworm to the garage door opener quality bed but nothing drastic, and both cab doors have traces of rot at the bottom edges, but nothing that couldn’t be repaired by a capable sheet metal worker. The interior of the cab seems to have suffered the most, as the seats need completely recovering.

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An unusual feature of the Fordson is the sliding metal sunroof, and close examination of the exterior and interior of the cab shows this to be almost certainly a factory fitted item, very useful on warm days with that bigV8 alongside the drivers left leg! It is the new owner’s intention is to restore the Fordson, as it was a similar vehicle that started him on his commercial vehicle career. The interior of the 7V seems to have suffered the most. Photo Tim Bolton. The data collected will beused to help us keep our classic vehicles on the road, so please fill it in if you can. It only takes 10 minutes just go to Dave Bowers, one of the regular contributors to HC, is trying to contact former or present day heavy haulage drivers and steersmen with a view to publishing abook detailing their stories and garage door opener quality in this specialist, most demanding form of road haulage.

If you have a story to tell, and some photographs of events out on the roads, please contact Dave on 01539 5630 Caitlin House coast road run On April 24 we at the Caitlin House Transport Project decided the commercials needed to come out to play, writes Malcolm Kirk. So, we staged our Vale Coast Road Run, taking up a fair slice of the coast of Glamorgan. We had to limit our group due to traffic, but we were really pleased with those who attended. Starting at ‘Dickey Donuts’ in Bridgend, each entrant was given a bacon roll and a garage door opener quality kindly sponsored by KJ Services of Pontlottyn, the local CAT & Komatsu repairers.



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