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The engine is a Gardner

, from Lawrie Marks at B8 Maps, it was always good to see which firm would be carrying the load. Personally I had, and still have, a huge regard for the drivers of those loads theywere absolutely excellent and really could put their huge vehicles in places where lesser drivers would hesitate to put a Mini! To my mind the Pickfords crews were really up among the very best, theywere always hard workers and put up with the stupidity of some ordinary drivers who appeared to presume that they could drive under the loads rather than wait! I think abnormal load haulage is a very interesting aspect of road haulage and have enjoyed reading books about some of the companies mentioned. Please can I ask for more articles like Jack’s First Record Breaker as it is good to hear and read about these wonderful knights of the road! A unique barn find garage door opener quantum S20 is to be restored by the Shorrock family. One of three ordered by Lockheed in 1958, the build sheet states it to be a special tractor to be fitted with weights for brake development and testing.

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The cab was extended with separate doors, abench seat and fold-down writing desk. The mates seat was made by Chapman to swivel, allowing him access to the rear compartment. The engine is a Gardner 6LW with eight-speed overdrive gearbox and electronic shift. The second garage door opener quantum were Bates ofEvesham, who fitted a crane for heavy recovery At some point the other two Fodens were dismantled, leaving this one as the sole survivor.

She has spent the last seven years in a garage door opener quantum not far from where she was built. The cab needs a rebuild, but the 6LW, with only 28,000 miles on the clock, is like new. We’d be very interested to see any photos anybody may have of this Foden during its working days. If you have anything please get in contact with the editor. I was wondering if anyone could help me? I purchased this replica model of a Dempster Dumpster on a Bedford TK chassis, at the Classic Commercial Show in Malvern, Worcestershire back in 20 It seems to be a prototype/promotional piece for Powell Duffryn Engineering ofLlantrisant, South Wales.



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