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An improved braking system had been introduced for the new model and the existing 6-tonner with the previous vacuum assisted garage door opener questions having been replaced by a Lockheed hydraulic system. Interestingly the first of the new model to be built was a non-standard bespoke chassis with a 10ft wheelbase. The tipper was built for S Taylor Frith & Co Ltd for use in the rather arduous conditions of its quarry near Buxton in Derbyshire. A NEW FACTORY Production facilities at Salford were not ideal with workshops being in several different locations and the severe lack of space hampered any expansion plans.

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Following the end of the war the Ministry of Supply disposed of many of its wartime production facilities and among these was the Claudel-Hobson aircraft carburettor works at the Woodstock factory garage door opener questions Oldham. The company considered that the large factory would be ideal for truck production and agreed the purchase for a sum of ?300,0 According to press reports in November 1 An interesting use for this Seddon artic, as a mobile control unit for the AA. Photo Stilltime Archive. Advert showing the Seddons available in 1 The production facilities were further expanded in 1948 when the company bought another nearby factory from the Ministry of Supply and here a subsidiary business was established, Pennine Coach Craft, which handled the manufacture of van, truck and bus bodies.

This rapid reorganisation and expansion had been achieved in only three short years and by the end of 1948 the company had a total workforce of more than 600 and was producing vehicles for both the home and export markets. With large numbers of chassis destined for export having to be delivered to ports such as Liverpool and London the company entered into an agreement with one of Edward Beck’s companies, Contractor Vehicles Ltd. I spoke to Teddy Beck who was kind enough to recount some details of that operation. “It had been Edward Beck who had originally introduced Harry Redmond to the Seddon garage door opener questions so there was already a connection with the company. In 1945 Edward had set up Contractors Manchester Ltd which handled demolition and civil engineering work.



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