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PERKINS POWER Integral to the design was the choice of engine and in 1936 F Perkins Ltd had introduced its new P6 diesel engine. This new power unit was both lighter and cheaper than the Gardner engines which Robert garage door opener quit working had also considered and it was the P6 which he chose to power his new truck. A new four-speed gearbox was also designed together with a lightweight chassis frame using 8in wide steel side rails. A sheet steel floor pressing which incorporated the front mudguards, dash and engine cover was another novel and weight-saving design and this provided a firm base for the coach-built cab.

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The completed chassis with its cab weighed in under 24 tons. Having completed a stringent programme of test running, the company announced the completion of its new prototype garage door opener quit working in October 1938 andbytheend ofDecemberthe first of the new trucks had been sold although full production did not begin until March of the following year. It would appear that a name for the new truck had not been considered and when it came to the market the vehicle came to be referred to simply as the Seddon 6-tonner. The newvehicle made its first public appearance in November when it was exhibited at the Scottish Motor Show in Glasgow.

The following year one of the 6-tonners was put through its paces by Commercial Motor, the vehicle used in the garage door opener quit working being the fourth such lorry to have been bought by Messrs F Edlin, Blaby. This particular vehicle was practically brand new and despite having only 20 miles on the clock and hardly run in, the Seddon made a very favourable impression. It delivered a lively performance with the lorry “displaying a flexibility and acceleration that one commonly associates withvehicles of lower pay-load rating. ” A1948 Mk5 on the 2011 Wisbech Run. Photo Gyles Carpenter.



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