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Enclosed is a photo of my last new

de/en I am writing regarding the Foden S21 new to F Craig of Widnes, featured in the March issue of HC. In my Foden paint shop days, when I was an apprentice, I prepared and sprayed that cab. It had a white roof, while the rest of the cab was dark grey, and it had garage door opener quits Office red mudguards. When I had finished the signwriter took over.

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Years later when I was an HGV driver I met Mr Craig’s son at the Watling Street Cafe, and at the time he had a Foden S80 six-wheeler flat. What a small world! Enclosed is a photo of my last new garage door opener quits at British Salt, a 1989 Foden 4300 30-tonne gross. It had a Gardner 270 turbo engine and Spicer 10-speed splitter gearbox. What a cracking story by Shortie Davidson ‘A legend’ in the March edition, one of the best ever! Perhaps if Shortie had given up the gearstick for the pen years ago he might have been rich and famous by now or is that richer and more famous Shortie!? I could not help think some readers under 50 might think that there has been a bit of a ‘poetic licence’ used for the story, but many of the younger generation have no idea how tough it was in the transport industry in those post-war years and how tough the people were that were in it.

Can you imagine if you tried to repeat that in this day and age you would have every Enforcement Agency in the UK on your case and headlines in the press screaming ‘child exploitation’ ‘slave labour’ and ‘suicide truck’! Even though I was not involved in the industry until 1969 when things were far improved, as soon as you start talking to the younger generation about conditions even then, they sort oflook at you like: “Has this old geezer done one trip too many?” I think both Shortie and Willie are legends and we need to record all these stories now, as we are fast running out of time for those who were on the roads in the 1950s, 1960s and even the 1970s! Rob Hands Via email Pickfords pick of the bunch What a stroke of genius the article about Pickfords manager Jack Higgins was in the May 2016 edition of your wonderful magazine. Bob Tuck has certainly put the article together in a wonderful way which, for me at least, opens up the memory banks. garage door opener quits the early 1960s to the middle of the 1980s I was a Metropolitan Police traffic patrol officer and one of our regular tasks was to escort wide or abnormal loads around our great capital city. As such I was privileged to escort the likes of Annis ofHaves; Beck and Pollitzers; Pickfords; Sunter Brothers and Wynns to name but a few. When we received the directions etc.



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