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Slowing down was aided by a Jake Brake and with

It joined the fleet through an unusual set of circumstances. Aldridge had ordered the first Scania 142 Intercooler 4x2 in Cornwall, but a dispute with the local Scania garage door opener quotes who had actually ‘resold’ the vehicle to a different customer resulted in Aldridge going off and buying this TM from a dealer in Kent. A cancelled order, it was unique in having a Kysor air conditioning unit on the roof which can just be seen in the photo , which was a real benefit after ‘handballing’ 20 tonnes of Cornish potatoes in the hot summer sun, before onward delivery to the northern produce markets usually Manchester, Leeds and Gateshead or Preston and Glasgow.

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You needed a truck that would cover the miles and XGY certainly did. It had a 13-speed Fuller multi-mesh gear box and a garage door opener quotes back axle that would enable it to cruise at speeds in excess of 70mph. Thesewere different times remember! Slowing down was aided by a Jake Brake, and with two long-distance tanks Scotland and back from Cornwall was easily accomplished. It was also very reliable.

No ECU/ABS/Adblue issues back then! The big full-width cab, with its ‘checked’ trim, was more than a match for the competition, and featured a single bunk and twin Bostrom suspension seats. But the writing was on the wall and in 1984 the first Scania R142 6x2 tag axle tractors with the V8 420bhp garage door opener quotes entered the fleet and the bar was raised again, but that’s another story. I enclose a picture of XGY 715Y when it was owned by Aldridge Transport. Superb memories Mike and well deserving of this month’s prize! To qualify for one of Ed's fabulous prizes, send him a lettertoday Forfurther information visit www. revell.



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