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By 1948 the business had moved to new premises at Greg Street in Reddish and the companybegan to diversify. A contract was agreed with Seddon for the delivery of chassis and to handle this business a new company Contractors Vehicle Deliveries Ltd was formed. “This was good business and very soon the new company had over a hundred drivers delivering chassis not only for Seddon but also military equipment for the USAF garage door opener qx50 2016 programming at Burtonwood.

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The drivers must have been a pretty hardy bunch as the chassis were very much in basic form with no cab and they had to be driven from the Oldham factory initially to the yard at Reddish and then on to the designated ports, mainly London and Liverpool. During the worst of the weather the drivers would be wrapped up in waterproofs and wearing garage door opener qx50 2016 programming flying helmets and goggles as they made the long trip to London. On many occasions convoys of 20 or 30 chassis would be on the road and with only a limited number of trade plates it was not uncommon for only the first and last vehicle to be fitted with the plates. “What the local constabulary made of a multi-wheeled Seddon ‘landtrain’ running on one trade plate is not recorded but there seems to be no evidence that any difficulties were encountered although the practice was, on the face of it, highly illegal. However it did get the job done and the relationship with Seddon continued through the 1950s and well into the 1960s.

” “Edward also had Seddons on his own fleet as in 1946 he took over Douglas Rourke Ltd General Haulage which was an attempt to enter the long-distance haulage market. The company operated Seddon four-wheelers and these subsequently ran in the Contractors Manchester Ltd livery However this foray into the world of long-distance haulage was cut short by the nationalisation of the industry and Edward then decided to concentrate on his core demolition business. In the early 1950s half a dozen more Seddon four-wheelers were bought new and ran in the Parsons Primrose Yellow livery which had been garage door opener qx50 2016 programming for the Contractors fleet. ” East Durham Co-operative Dairies Ltd Seddon with dropside body by JS Robson. Photo Beamish Museum.



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