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A relatively new vehicle driven by a six

Designated the F294WM, it was probably the first time ‘Cargo’ was used as a model type by Ford, it being resurrected later for its popular distribution vans and lightweight artics in the 1980s. This one could have been a derivative, the garage door opener receiver from 1954, an example which worked in the commune ofForbach, near Metz, close to the border with Germany Probably one of the oldest Cifa^ns in the field was the P45 or 45U, with Drouville bodywork, from around 1 A six-cylinder, P38 Cifa^n engine powered this airfield appliance which utilised a 1200-gallon water tank and carried foam-compound in cans. One hundred and fifty of this type were made and eight men would have been assigned to it.

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A good deal of these chassis were made as ‘autopompe-mixte, probably the UK version of a major pump, in that it had hose reels, a pump and some ladder equipment and was often used, in those days, as ‘premier secours’ or ‘first call’. In a pretty awful state, an ACMAT CCFL, on a two-axle chassis with a large water tank, was ready for garage door opener receiver renovation. A relatively new vehicle, driven by a six-cylinder Perkins diesel, was brought on to line in the mid-Eighties. There is, however, nothing more typically French than the Fifties Renault range of Goelettes. Designated the R range, the 2087,2167, etc.

, were extensively used by the fire services, mounting everything from water tenders to elevating ladders on to this adaptable chassis. A line of seven, with garage door opener receiver fronts, are pictured. Berliet was one of France’s biggest vehicle manufacturers, supplying both commercial and military interests. They came in every form from small to massive, from cab-over to long, conventional bonnet. Amalgamation in 1975, followed by absorption in April 1980, into the huge conglomerate that was RVI, along with Saviem, saw the end of this famous name.



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