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The new Steel Plastic SP type cab was one of

“These fibreglass cabs were quite strong for their day, but theywere also garage door opener remote dent and difficult to straighten out. I managed to pull the roof The interior isa much nicer place to be now! The ERF B Series A lot was riding on the ERF's new B Series when it was first announced at the 1974 Earl's Court MotorShow. This was partly due to the previous LV and A Series, which had been very successful during the 60s and early 70s.

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As with previous models the lorries were available with a choice of diesel engines, including Cummins, Rolls-Royce and Gardner, uptoa maximum output of280hp. The model numbers signified engine make, design weight and axle configuration. The new Steel Plastic SP type cab was one of the garage door opener remote talking points, as it was manufactured using Sheet Moulded Compound SMC . It was also the first British cab to meet the latest ECE 29 and Motor Industry Research Association MIRA tests.

Typical of the era, the tilt cab could be hydraulically raised for servicing and repairs. The panels were constructed from glass fibre filler and polyester resin. The first models to be introduced in the spring of 1975 were eight-wheel rigids, equipped with daycabs. The high roof sleeper cab made its debut at Earls Court the following year,although single bunkconversionswere already being offered by several coachbuilders, including garage door opener remote Jennings. The cabs were comfortable by contemporary standards, and were decked out in brown and tan complemented bya black vinyl dashboard.



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