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Apart from the ubiquitous GAK, which was on just about every fire station apron in the Seventies and Eighties, the Berliet chassis was used to great effect for some very nice designs. The attractive limousine-style bodies were built in the Fifties. There were a garage door opener remote control of good examples here known as GLB19R and GLA19C.

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At the front of the field, near the entrance, lay a collection of really interesting equipment which, we suppose, could be loosely called the ‘one-offs’ not in quantity, but in rarity. Three were Laffly; one was that bit special, with a long, almost Germanic bonnet reminiscent of the Bussing-Nags of the Fifties. This four-wheeled water-tender had a huge crew-cab which took up the majority of the vehicle. A relatively small water-tank was placed at the back with a ladder-rack overhead. It was deemed to be very rare and was designated as an ACL C3 Fourgon garage door opener remote control HP high power/haute pression .

Hopefully, the time and money can be found to restore this engine back to its former glory as it would certainlybe a gem in preservation. Standing next to it was a full-fronted Delahaye with limousine-style bodywork; another garage door opener remote control preservation subject, the bodywork beautifully hiding all the mechanicals working away inside. The large glass screen of this Model B163 had that ‘tearful’ look, which was a trademark of the forward-control Delahaye marque. The French fire services often had their own breakdown facilities in all the weight ranges. One of the smaller units was the Fargo/Dodge 4x4, fitted-up with a basic crane for light vehicle recovery.



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