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It was midday in France when not a lot moves until after ‘quartorze heures’ two o’clock; for this is the time to eat. Lunch was announced over the loudspeaker system and a long queue snaked out of a very large warehouse, into the heat of this garage door opener remote replacement day. On following the people, we found four more appliances, all well looked after. These were the older, pre-1939, vintage vehicles, which had now been restored and had been given a home indoors.

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The nearest, a 1927 Citrc^n B4F, looked very like the garage door opener remote replacement for one of the Lledo models; it came from Surgeres, in the Charente-Maritime. On the ex-surplus side, there were two major lines: one containing all the GMC-based appliances and the other had all the Dodge-based middle-weight vehicles. The Dodge vehicles were either VTU Vehicule Tous Usage general purpose, or VLR Vehicule Leger de Reconnaissance light ‘recce’ units, often fitted up with a hose reel and a pump for the smaller conflagrations. GENERAL MOTORS In the GMC section, not one vehicle was the same. One line of seven different vehicles, all essentially on the same chassis, had a makeover from one of a number of different bodywork and fire-appliance equipment manufacturers.

Squared-off bodywork, additional water tanks and redesigned cabs were all there; it was an interesting comparison of bodywork design styles. When the procession started, only a couple of the GMCs took part. One of the water-carrying, forest-fire-fighting 6x6s was running; the other, an open-top CCKW353 cargo truck, was garage door opener remote replacement with what is known as the Lot Number 7 set, basically an improvised, but very useful piece of recovery/ workshop equipment. A similar system, on different lines, using a steel H-section gantry, was operated extensively in the war by the block and tackle slides along a tubular or angular bar and is used to rescue stricken vehicles or, in a mechanical repair role, lifting out engines for replacement. Peugeot J9 SP mobile command-centre from the Pezeaud collection in the Charente.



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