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The two pack paint was bought in Aberdeen and was

Tyres don’t last long on old trucks, garage door opener repair if they have been shunted around various yards. I pulled the lid of the gearbox, and had a quick look inside. Things appeared to be okay so I decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Touch wood, I haven’t had any problems since.

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Same goes for the back end. The engine also sounded fine, and the oil pressure was normal. The unit wasn’t overheating, so I left well alone. There have been no problems to date. “The two-pack paint was bought in Aberdeen, and was applied to the lorry’s chassis using a garage door opener repair gun.

I had the cab painted indoors by Neil Philip, a professional paint sprayer, at his workshop just up the road in Ellon. He also took care of the Atkinson, and so far the livery has garage door opener repair over 10 years. Neil also hand-painted the signwriting, which I think is preferable to using transfers. ” The majority of restorations can throw up a few problems, and in USA 309S’s case this turned out to be the cab. “The cab had taken a knock in the top corner, and the roof and post was all twisted,” John explained.



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