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British, based on an Austin K6 3-ton truck. As we left the garage door opener repair parts of ex-surplus material, we slipped into the commercial world of fire-appliance design. Laffly, a French manufacturer not very well known in Britain, was the chassis on which a nice 1951 pump escape, ex-Chatou force, was resting.

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The appliance acts like a pick-up truck with folding ramps. The wheeled escape ladder is rolled off the vehicle — very different to the pump escape in the UK — where the ladder is hung on to brackets set into the back of the vehicle. The French version is pushed into the load area. The model is known as a BSS 163 and uses the torpedo style of bodywork, in that it is open-topped and very characteristic of the period 1950-60; interestingly it garage door opener repair parts the UK initials of PE, but this is a Porteur d’Echelle ladder carrier .

A crew of upto11 men could accompany this vehicle, transported under the power of a six-cylinder 80cv Delahaye petrol engine with a Laffly C3 powering the pump, supplying the hoses with water. Moving around the lines, we will pick out particular vehicles of interest, all of Hose-reel carriers can be clearly seen here, a major feature of French appliances; the garage door opener repair parts are wrapped on these reels rather than being folded, as in the UK. which have been illustrated so that a good understanding of the shape, size and aesthetics of the appliances can be clearly appreciated. Airfield appliance. A 4x4 Berliet GLC 28, with Sides equipment, powered by a Berliet MKS 2 engine looked impressive, mounting a lance monitor which supplied foam at around 2800 litres per minute.



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