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Fortunately, John was able to fall back on that favourite standby of a lot of restorers: a donor vehicle. “Aberdeen is a bit out on a limb, and getting hold of spare parts can sometimes be a problem,” he explained. “Luckily I managed to pick up a similar ERF from a garage door opener repair service sale. The lorrywas actually a year younger, and fitted with a Rolls-Royce engine.

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More importantly it was an ideal source for spare parts. Between the two vehicles, I was able to cobble together one complete restoration. “In the end the whole job took me about two years. The reason why it took less time than the Atkinson is that I had learned from experience, and didn’t make so many mistakes. For example, I made sure I took plenty of photographs when I was taking the lorry apart, so I didn’t have to garage door opener repair service on my memory to put it back together again.

I still need to track down a few small items, garage door opener repair service badges etc. Nowadays you have to rely heavily on the internet, because most of the scrapyards up here have closed down. Autojumbles are also in decline. ” Yet having completed his marathon restoration, John was faced with a familiar problem. He said: “As any collector will tell you, restoring an old lorry is just the half of it.



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