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If you don’t look after the vehicle, it will soon start to deteriorate. You have to keep on top of garage door opener replacement especially if you are rallying the lorry, or using it for road runs. My two sons Philip and David are also keen enthusiasts, and usually help out. “I managed to get hold of a step frame trailer, and I put the Borderer on the back when I take it to shows.

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During the summer season between April and October, we usually go out at least once a month. Obviously I can’t drive both lorries at the same time, but David is currently working on his garage door opener replacement at the moment. When he passes his test, he’ll hopefully be able to drive one of the vehicles. ” After we took some photographs at a scenic spot on the North Sea coast that is a popular haunt with dolphin and seal watchers, I asked John about his future plans. He said: “I certainly intend hanging on to the two lorries.

Fortunately, I have also managed to finally track down an old Mandator, which is currently in the process of being restored at Newmacher. With a bit of luck, it should be finished by the garage door opener replacement of 20 ” Mike and Julie Blenkinsop visit probably the finest fire appliance collection in Europe, in the Poitou-Charentes region ofFrance. The French civil defence found ideal vehicles in the various ex-surplus American marques and many local companies took to adapting them for fire service use, fitting them up to cover virtually all of the needs of the civilian services. GMC and Dodge vehicles were bought up by the dealers, not only in the military auctions in France, but also in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland, going on to serve their communities in all these countries for many years. Meanwhile, back on a blistering French day in the Deux-Sevres, we passed a couple of Jeeps, an M38 and a Delahaye, as we crossed the field.



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