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They were powered by a six cylinder

Used in industrial and airport locations from the late Fifties, these vehicles replaced the ageing adapted GMC ‘deuce and a halfs’ on the airfield apron. Manufacturers’ design could be carefully studied in the way that the Marcanets had lined up their vehicles. After the ex-forces garage door opener replacement parts GMC and Dodge, there were three or four other lines which represented interesting periods in French fire-fighting vehicle history.

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Citi^n, better known in the UK as a car builder, also built trucks for the French market into the middle-weight range. They were usually either from the normal-control, long-bonneted garage door opener replacement parts series, or the later forward-control 350/450/700 type, after which the Citrc^n name vanished from the commercial truck market. They were powered by a six-cylinder P38 engine of around 5 litres. There was a long line of 46/55 types; those long bonnets were everywhere in France in the Fifties.

The forward-control types were rarer and only a couple of examples of those were seen here. Moving on, there was a very garage door opener replacement parts line-up of various chassis at the top of the field, headed off with a pair of Fords. These wouldn’t be judged to be Fords at first glance. Those of you of an age beyond 50 will probably recall the corrugated lines of a French Dinky Toy model produced in the Sixties as a glazier’s truck, based on what was then known as a Simca wagon. This was, in fact, ajoint co-operation chassis between Ford, Simca and Marmon-Herrington, using the celebrated Ford V8 side-valve four-litre engine.



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