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Later models included x configurations and engine

The instruments were well designed, and featured a Smiths Industries rev counter, air pressure, garage door opener reviews and temperature gauges. ERF offered four-, six-, and eight-wheeled rigid models, with a ladder frame constructed from carbon manganese steel. Side and cross-members were bolted together using clearance holes and anti-vibration nuts.

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The single and double drive axles were supplied by Eaton and Kirkstall. There were teething problems in the early days, particularly with quality control, but once these were resolved the B Series went on to enjoy an excellent service career. Later models included 6x4 configurations and engine outputs over 300bhp. forward and back into place, but the job garage door opener reviews me the best part of a week.

“Once that task had been sorted, the rest of the restoration was fairly straightforward. I renewed all the electrics and garage door opener reviews looms, as they were suffering from corrosion. The same applied to the air brake pipes. The original fittings inside the cab were in a poor state, and were starting to disintegrate. A lot of the instruments were also broken, and had to be replaced.



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