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His livery was a red cab and green wings. He was mainly on low-loader work and had a contract with garage door opener sale Boiler Makers in Netherton, Dudley in the early 1960s. I remember my father buying a Canadian four-wheel-drive Dodge off him in about 19 I remember Weavers colours as I used to see the Scammells waiting to be loaded in Dudley as I was travelling to a site in Tipton where I was working as an excavator driver.

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I enjoyed the article on ‘Hunting Dragons’ in the February issue, but how ‘sacrilegious’ can it be to destroy a yard like that it should have had world status equivalent to Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Places like that can never be recreated, a sad loss. At least there is a record of it to some extent. Anyway, I wonder if there are any other shots of the one with the Pelpel cab? The reason I ask is the photo shows a front brake garage door opener sale and as you can see from the attached illustration no front brakes were fitted.

So could it be a modification or another axle altogether? Thanks for your email Peter. Sorry, I don’t have any other photos of that lorry. But hopefully somebody out there will be able to answer your question Ed. It was pleasant to garage door opener sale about my old eightwheeler in the March issue of HC. You have to remember that the in-cab noise was terrific, so to reduce it I had Foden’s repair shop move the exhaust silencer to midchassis it helped! Then when the pressed tin exhaust blew apart, Foden replaced it with a cast iron model, which really reduced the decibels.



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