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Well garage door opener sears a visit if you ever go that way. Keep up the good work. When I was on my OE from New Zealand in 19861 stayed in London for a week, and I took these photos on my travels. I hope they may be of interest to HC readers.

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It was great to see in Heritage Commercials April ‘16 issue the feature on the background and history to Nigel Wilson and Dalton Transport Services. And it was also great to see and read how his much travelled Volvo F89 UWT 202N has been brought back to pristine order. Back in early 1992,1 interviewed Nigel for Truck magazine and the F89 was featured in the garage door opener sears On’ column. The 1974 Volvo was still being worked and while it wasn’t on front-line duties, it was then great that an 18-year-old truck could still continue to contribute.

The photograph I’m attaching shows the vehicle as it was in 1 Nigel wasn’t sure then what he intended to do with the 89 but it’s great to see that he hung on to it albeit regretting that it wasn’t stored indoors, rather than been hidden under a sheet. Isn’t it just great to read how a truck can stay in the family from new until it’s retired in better-than-new garage door opener sears for show on the preservation circuit. What personal memories such a motor can generate. Didn't the Robert Wynn Scammell rigid six wheeler Demetrius look terrific in the centre spread of Heritage Commercials magazine April '16 issue? Roger Austin and his helpers made a great job of the vehicle's restoration. I called into Roger's Raunds yard when he was busy with this job in the early 1990s and I thought you may like to see the attached shot which shows it before it was finished.



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