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Unfortunately the tractor was not completed in time to start at Melbourne but it was agreed that it would join the Trial at Darwin and cover the second and more demanding half of the event. The tractor was fitted with a high-speed rear axle and road-biased tyres and was capable of 65mph; it was even stopped, on test, by a police patrol who wanted to know what it was! On completion, and after a short road test, the tractor was driven 2500 miles straight to Darwin, where it met up with the Trial and then backtracked with the Trial to Perth and on to Melbourne, rescuing and towing broken-down cars, often two at a time for several hundred miles at speeds up to 50mph! It very soon became known as Tail-end Charlie. The following year Tail-end garage door opener sensors did a repeat performance but in 1957 it started in Melbourne and completed the full round trip covering 11,000 miles in 19 days.

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This amazing machine is still very much intact and is the star exhibit in the Western Australian Tractor Museum at Whiteman Park, Perth, Western Australia. As for Chamberlain, the basic Champion Tractor became a great success and production garage door opener sensors 15 years. In 1970 John Deere brought a part share in the company and the company became Chamberlain John Deere Ltd. Production ceased in 1986 when the model An original Chamberlain 40K. The 'Screaming Pig' immortalised on a Scania.

On a trip to London once, I found I had a puncture so called into Watts Tyre at Tamworth, who were completely at a loss with an HGV on tubeless tyres, so they charged me 10 shillings to fit my own spare wheel! I kept my figures crossed that I didn’t get another puncture. Incidentally, my nickname for the wagon was ‘Screaming Pig’, and I later adopted this as my CB handle. line-up was replaced with John Deere tractors imported from either the US or Europe. While not a normal truck you’ve got to admit for a prototype tractor Tail-end Charlie was one hell of a breakdown vehicle and the team of four who went with it, including one Pat Patternall of Perkins, must have been Supermen! Please find attached copies of a couple of garage door opener sensors showing one of the original 40K Chamberlains bit like a cross between a Field Marshal and a BMW motorbike and one of Tail-end Charlie. From this don’t get the idea I’m an Australian expert, but my son lives in Perth and when we go and visit him I always have a day at Whiteman Park where there is not only a very good tractor museum but a motor museum, a working tramway, railway and preserved bus rides.



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