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Thanks for a great magazine. I found the Perkins article in the April issue interesting and look forward to the next'chapter! I worked for an American forklift truck manufacturer from 1964 to garage door opener service and the article made me think of the Perkins engines with which over the years I came into contact. Also, in the mid 50s I recall some speedboat trials taking place in the harbour at Wells-next-the-Sea in north Norfolk. I think that the engines were Perkins.

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While my garage door opener service can recall trials in the harbour they cannot recall them being Perkins. Maybe a reader has the answer. Tim Briston Basingstoke Hampshire. Thanks for your letter Tim.

I've also worked with many Perkins engines in the past, including one driving a generator on a landfill site that ran on methane extracted from the decomposing rubbish. During a recent visit to the Knowles Transport depot at Wimblington, Gyles Carpenter and Alan Barnes had the opportunity to photograph a recent addition to the company's Heritage Collection. Only around 100 Sentinel DV66s were made and this example may be the only survivor. Registration number THY 852, is an example of the heavy six-wheelers which Sentinel produced in the early 1950s, and with about 100 of this particular garage door opener service having been produced, this survivor is something of a rarity. While Sentinel produced many thousands of steam waggons, its eventual move into the production of motor vehicles was rather less prolific.



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