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VPT on the left was the wagon Jock

On the face of it, things couldn’t have been much better. This native of Stanley in County Durham was a passionate motorcycle nut so having a job as a mechanic for bike specialists Consett Autos was as good as it garage door opener theft He was courting Betty Smith they would marry in ’68 so his future although unknown certainly looked rosy. But when redundancy at the bike shop came out of the blue, Malcolm didn’t have a clue what to do: “I didn’t fancy the prospect of being unemployed,” he says, “but I wasn’t sure where to turn.

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And it was only when I heard from a friend that I might get taken on at Siddle Cooks that I went down there to see if theywanted anymechanics. ” Cooks moved a lot of Coles Cranes for export-they were made in Sunderland and often stored in the yard. VPT 800 on the left was the wagon Jock Gallacher drove. In late ’65, Siddle C Cookwas the garage door opener theft haulier in Consett: “I suppose they must have been running about 80 wagons then and about 200 trailers,” says Malcolm.

“A lot of it was on general haulage with a lot of long steel but about 20 of the motors were on heavy haulage. And of course they were mainly on long distance. ” Cook’s Sherburn Terrace base was just along the road from Consett Autos and when Malcolm wandered in his query was directed to the awesome presence of yard foreman Ralph Taylorson. “He soon told me there were no mechanic vacancies and all they might have the need for sometime in the future were drivers’ mates. ” Malcolm soon sensed he’d get garage door opener theft shrift from the threatening presence of foreman Ralph but fortunately for this story at least his number two, Bob Suddess, came into the conversation: “He told Ralph that a mate hadn’t turned in so they were looking for somebody then.



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