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Because ofits size and configuration the Twinload took a

In addition to the Foden prototype, units did appear in the fleets of Langley Forge, Coalmoor Refractories, F&F Robinson and John Harvey & Sons. The majority of these did include trailers of the design length of 16ft 6in, with the exception of the Langley Forge unit, which was shorter for operating reasons. The three vehicles specified by Harveys included two arranged as bulk tankers, with the third being of the van type with fitted sheet or curtain design on both garage door opener track and trailer.

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Following disappointing sales figures, the original ‘Twinload’ was returned to the Foden service fleet, and eventually sold off. In 2005 it was purchased by Tony Knowles and spent the next few years sharing shed space with several other ‘future restoration projects’. Because ofits size and configuration the ‘Twinload’ took a back seat in the general trend of restoration work, but the machine has at last reached its rightful place with the many other first class restorations carried out at garage door opener track By the time you read this the Foden will have been presented to the world on the HCVS London to Brighton Run, where I’m sure it will attract the attention it deserves.

One ofthe pair of'Twinload'tankersoperated by Harveys of Bristol. These 6000-gallon capacity tankers were used for transporting wine in bulk from producers in mainland Europe. This view of the vehicle operated by Langley Forge shows the type of load that was carried on the special 18ft 5in body and short 12ft trailer specified for the unit. It garage door opener track how the 'Twinload' principle could be adapted to suit specific load requirements. This Siddle CCook photograph is before Malcolm Simpson’s see page 56 time at Cooks as it dates from 1 The shot was however taken by a driver’s mate, Bobby Cook a nephew of Siddle , with the two pictured figures being driver Jimmy Brown on the right talking to a rather young Raymond Cook.



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