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The badge adorning the front was DeSoto, a name most enthusiasts would probably associate with large gas-guzzling American automobiles of the Fifties and Sixties, and rightly so. DeSoto is one of those marketing names which has been dropped for one garage door opener transmitter or another, then along comes an advertising person looking for a new ‘zappy’ name and resurrects it for a theme or a new image-based campaign. Belgium, for some reason, runs a lot of appliances in this style, but sadly, we haven’t worked out why they are so favoured over there in particular, except for the obvious aesthetic or access motive. The second unit was running in orange and white and comes out of the Brussels Bruxelles brigade.

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This is a big force; Bruxelles runs 150 units out of nine stations and employs around 1000 personnel. This vehicle is probably described as a heavy-duty pump ladder and is fitted upon an International Loadstar 1600 chassis. We hope that our excursion into the realms of French fire appliances has stimulated an interest in the genre. The design, the concept and the fact that they were built on to some of the most visually exciting chassis of their day from Laffly, Berliet, Renault, GMC and Delahaye makes them worth garage door opener transmitter

Manufacturers and repairers of Land Rover springs including Steam Locomotives, Air Suspension, Vintage and Classic Cars. Specialists in Spring Modifications. U Bolts and Associated Spring Sundries Always Cl—L This month we feature a sales leaflet for low-loaders made specifically for Austin tractors by Cranes Dereham Ltd of Norfolk. As well as one with a detachable rear axle, there was also a cranked frame version, and four-wheel drawbars were also garage door opener transmitter In addition they also made an Austin-approved fifth wheel.



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