All the same, garage door opener troubleshooting

A pair of Berliet water tenders from Mart and Arde

The next weight range was usually a four-wheel-drive vehicle on either an ex-military Dodge WC51/52 weapons-carrier chassis or perhaps, a converted WC64 ambulance. garage door opener troubleshooting examples were pictured in the first part of this feature last month. Not red, but hazard colours, this Belgian International Loadstar 1600-based appliance sports a serious pump on the bumper bar.

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Needing some TLC, the ex-Lyon brigade Berliet GRK10 wrecker. DeSoto, a name synonymous with luxury motor cars; an unusual Belgian, ex-Brussels, appliance is a one-off in France. A pair of Berliet water-tenders from Mart and Arde in the Indre; a garage door opener troubleshooting cab design, but they have a certain charm. After that, it was the turn of the big lads with an interesting Berliet, built to a specialised brief. The GRK10 which had come here from working in the private sector was notable for its huge weighted ballast-platform, mounted beyond its front bumper and the large split in its radiator panel dividing up its Berliet name.

Carrying aR310 engine motif, this had been a specialist vehicle attached to the sapeur-pompiers in Lyon. Across the huge field, we spied what looked like a pair of American-style appliances. From a distance, they could have been pumpers from any corner of the US and we had been used to seeing the odd import at the La Locomotion en Fete event in Paris, where, generally each year, an articulated La France ladder had turned up from the fire house of Dry Gulch. These were, in fact, garage door opener troubleshooting appliances, with an incredibly wide bumper bar on which huge amounts of pump and pipework had been hung. One was in standard red and is believed to be unique in France.



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