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So I chipped in and said that I never missed work and could be relied on -and that seemed to do the trick. ” With the power to hire and fire, Ralph was able to give Malcolm the nod and he uttered the words Malcolm wanted to hear: “He told me to ‘Get your case’ and while I didn’t have a case I knew I had ajob even though I didn’t have a clue what I’d be doing. ” Go back as far as you like in garage door opener troubleshooting sears craftsman history and you’ll probably find that the very first haulage driver also had a driver’s mate. It was probably one of the earliest examples of an apprenticeship because as well as the ‘wagon lad’ helping out the driver with deliveries/loading etc.

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, he also learnt how driving was done. The law makers eventually chipped in, generating the requirement of a so-called ‘statutory attendant’ if the load being garage door opener troubleshooting sears craftsman was perhaps too wide or perhaps had too long a rear overhang. And many’s the time a driver’s wife or even his young son perhaps disguised with the wearing of a flat cap has filled the passenger seat to take over this role on an ad-hoc basis. The attendance of a mate on a regular basis was also long required if a drawbar trailer was being hauled and yours truly for one has this necessity to thank for getting a toehold in the workforce when I left school.

In days of old, the trailer mate had his own multi-pull trailer brake to work, although in ’64 when I started mating on a car transporter the footbrake of the Leyland Super Comet also operated the Carrimore garage door opener troubleshooting sears craftsman trailer at the same time. And in that respect, my role as a brake man was done away with. A mate is still often legally required and also a practical necessity in many aspects of the heavy haulage world and it was into this domain that Malcolm and his quickly acquired case entered in late ’ The wording of the regulations back then often required a ‘third man’ and it was this position that Malcolm filled on his first outing to Glasgow: “We ran up empty to collect a girder that was in Pickfords’ Mount Vernon depot and had to be delivered to Liverpool,” he recalls. The motor Malcolm rode in with driver Terry Pollard and mate Harry Kirtley fortunately had three seats as it was one of the two bonneted 6x4 Leyland Super Hippos Cooks had bought at the start of the ‘60s. Although still operating in Cook’s colours, in 1964 the company had been taken over by the huge Tayforth organisation.



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