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With Malcolm wanting to see his wife to be Betty

It was Siddles son Geoff who firstly headed up the management tree although Malcolm recalls it was the well-respected heavy haulage traffic manager Foster Hickson who was his main boss. Siddle would still be seen around the yard and Malcolm recalls one daywhen the former owner even told him off: “I was in the yard painting a trailer and because it was so cold, I had one hand in my pocket. garage door opener troubleshooting sensors spotted me and even though he wasn’t the boss any more he said: ‘I pay you to work with two hands so get it out of your pocket’” The only other time Malcolm came into contact with Siddle was when Malcolm had to be given a lift down to Lawson’s Cafe in North Yorkshire when a mate was urgently needed: “Siddle was with his other son Raymond who then had a Lotus Cortina car and I think its the quickest lift I’ve ever had.

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” In the ‘60s there were numerous transport cafes all over the land but Lawsons at Londonderry, North Yorkshire, was Cooks second home and first breakfast/lunch/dinner stop for many of the fleets low loaders after leaving Consett. It could also be the place they headed for last thing at night but they didn’t always sleep in the digs there. With Malcolm wanting to see his wife-to-be Betty as much as possible, there was always a big temptation to Malcolm while at Southampton. They did a lot of beams with the Guy garage door opener troubleshooting sensors and an independent bogie.

Afterall the heavy haulage gear was passed to Pickfords, Malcolm wenton to trunk work,and ran to Edmonton a lot. This is their shunter and Malcolm's day cab Volvo G Another garage door opener troubleshooting sensors before Malcolm's time. Cooks was moving a lot of these girders from Teesside to a new plate mill under construction at Consett. This 4x4 Scammell Mountaineer with coach-built cabisusing two tank transporter trailers as load-carrying bogies. fiddle a night home by thumbing a lift up the road whenever their working day ended close to County Durham.



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