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Anyway, did you use any of these? If so, we’d really like to hear what you thought of them, so please write in or email. Toughest, lightest and lowest priced the Crane Automatic Fifthwheel shows savings of up to I cwt against other types and couples to any make of semi-trailer. Made from high grade steel pressings and plates, it has a precision machined locking device to ensure fully positive coupling and an additional garage door opener types lock gives visual indication of correct coupling. We ore now ob/e to offer this Automatic Fifthwheel coupling os an independent unit for all mokes of semi-trailers.

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Mounting on your Austin tractor can be carried out by your Crane Approved Distributor or at the Crane Works. Alternatively Frfthwheels can be supplied complete with instructions ready for you to mount. This garage door opener types is fully approved byM^tin Motor Company and Austin Export Corporation Limited, Longbridge, Birmingham. See Crone Fruehouf leaflet in this catalogue far details of standard platform and pther semi-trailers to operate with Austin tractors.

The unique 'Twinload' beautifully restored and posed in the yard at Wimblington, ready to make its debut in the 2016 HCVS London to Brighton Run. garage door opener types Ingram reports on the latest addition to the collection of well-known Cambridgeshire haulier Tony Knowles the unique Foden 'Twinload'. Because of limitations contained in the 1964 C&U regulations, the design had overall length restrictions resulting in the overall body space of 33ft. Even without the trailer bodywork extending over the coupling, it is impossible to 'jackknife' the outfit completely as with the accepted design of an articulated vehicle. This degree ofturn isabout the maximum possible.



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