Believe it or not, but garage door opener unit

ERF was a pioneer of wraparound windscreen set

Its styling drew from US parent General MotorsÂ’ GMC and Chevrolet short-hood cab-overs. Curvaceous, compound-curvature front panel pressings give it character all of its own. In its day, the S type 7-tonner together with its three-ton-rated military RL 4x4 derivative -enjoyed the garage door opener unit of being built in bigger volumes that any other British truck. Another daring departure from accepted practice was the Rootes Groups introduction in the early 1950s of Commer seven-ton trucks.

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The Bedford S Type 7-tonner introduced semi-forward control with curvaceous cab panels. garage door opener unit in massive volumes, the RL 4x4 version became the British Army's standard 3-tonner. ERF was a pioneer of wraparound windscreen, set-back A-pillar truck cab design and compound curves, styling made possible by moulded glass-reinforced plastic. The compact Commer TS3 was about the size of a suitcase and fitted under the cab seats.

A 200bhp four-cylinder development was killed off by Chrysler. and 10-12 ton artic tractors powered by the ultra-compact and highly unorthodox 105bhp, 26-litre 13 two-stroke with Roots blower supercharging. The three horizontal cylinders each had two pistons that moved in opposition to each other and turned a single garage door opener unit The unit was roughly suitcase sized and was located more or less under the driverÂ’s seat TS3s were built by Rootes Group subsidiary Tilling Stevens. In 1966 a four-cylinder development was prototyped. With an output of200bhp/465lb.



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