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Jensen was another manufacturer that broke new ground

The garage door opener universal payload capacity with trailers was 30 tons. In operation however, this was exceeded by a considerable margin as in service it typically hauled four trailers, two locally built units being added after its arrival in Australia. In a very real sense, the AEC was a genuine first and a strong contender for the title of Britain’s greatest-ever truck and greatest lost opportunity.

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Considering it was a fully tested and proven proposition years before the garage door opener universal World War, the pity is the mobility advantages it demonstrated were overlooked not only for wartime vehicles but by British military equipment planners afterwards. The only British 8x8s ever produced in quantity were Second World War Morris-Commercial-built skid-steer amphibians and the 150-vehide fleet of I-beam chassis Unipower 40-tonne gross bridging system trucks supplied to the British Army in the 1990s. Jensen was another manufacturer that broke new ground, though nobody followed. Just prior to the Second World War it built a handful of all-alumimum trucks with aircraft-wing style integral construction. Post-war, at a time when commercials with an unladen weight of three tons and over were limited to 20mph, aluminium’s lightness enabled Jensens to tip the weighbridge a shade under this, allowing a legal 30mph carrying a six-ton load.

Jensen Lightweights were of revolutionary all-aluminium integral construction, with the flatbed support members forming part of the load-bearing structure. As recorded in last month’s HC, Foden took a different route to weight saving. In the second half of the 1940s it began producing aluminium block four and six-cylinder two-stroke diesels. By the early 1970s, sixes with the turbo option were delivering 225-plus bhp from only 8 litres. Despite not garage door opener universal new ground mechanically, the Bedford S Type popularly known as the ‘Big Bedford’ was a refreshing break with the norms of British truck cab design when it was launched in 19



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