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Being a Scammell, accomplishing the unexpected was part of the pedigree, so the Commander fleet had no trouble running at maximum load across garage door opener universal remote desert terrain. On the matter of army logistic vehicle mobility, today, as MAN in Germany, Oshkosh in the US and others have demonstrated, eight-wheel drive is par for the course. Although only two 8x8 types have ever been manufactured in numbers in Britain, the country was the first to properly experiment with eight-wheel drive.

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Starting with Armstrong Siddeley’s frame-steer B10E1/2 with twin 4x4 bogies, five different projects were carried out between 1928 and 1 Second was an otherwise unremarkable Morris-Commercial 8x8 military prototype. Similarlyvintage looking with a pram-type canvas hood over the driving compartment was Guy’s bonneted 96bhp, six-cylinder petrol-engined 8x Itwas based on the Wolverhampton firms 6x6 artillery tractor, supplied for service with the Indian Army at a time when the sub-continent was the garage door opener universal remote in the crown of the British Empire. The Guy chassis was engineered to allow considerable flexibility. The rear axles featured worm drive, with troublesome bevel-gear pinion drive via separate layshafts on the left and right of the chassis to the front axles. Its 10% better performance advantage over Guy’s 6x6 was deemed insufficient to justify the extra cost.

Around the time 8x8s were being evaluated for potential Army use, British Commonwealth and Empire administrators identified a need for multiple trailer outfits garage door opener universal remote by 8x8 truck/tractors to meet civilian transport requirements over poor terrain in Africa, Australia and elsewhere. Leyland built a single prototype. This was followed by a new design produced by AECs Hardy Motors subsidiary. It is believed that three or possibly four examples were built in total. One went to Africa, one to Australia and one or possibly two went to Russia.



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