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Garn Transport of Spalding in Lincolnshire

The cab was both quiet and comfortable with reasonable aerodynamics. Itwas trimmedvery well and had good stowage space. It was one of those designs that would garage door opener universal receiver kit good no matter what badge was on the front and lets not forget that in its high datum form, it was chosen for Ford’s flagship Transcontinental range.

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I’ve often thought that with little extra panel garage door opener universal receiver kit it could bea sort of ‘universal’ cab like a more modern version of the old Motor Panels design that served as a Guy, Seddon, Scammell Crusader and others . It tilted generously to give good access for fitters. Garn Transport of Spalding in Lincolnshire had a large fleet of Scanias supplemented by Renault Premiums. Garn's early experiences with the marque would have been with models like this 1989 R series tractor called 'Spalding Owl'. Itwas photographed in 1995 on a local ring road.

McArthur, based in Bristol, has used latter-day Scaniasand Volvos. Backaround 1989 the firm, which distributes fencing and building products,was using this Renault with a load ofconcrete fence posts on board. I know nothing ofthe origins concerning Alpine but its Renault was captured one cold winter's night at a Walsall lorry park sometime in the early 1990s. There was a thin covering of snow on the ground and the tractor was naturally covered in road filth. Hayward's Transport ofWalsall now sports an allwhite livery on its Mercedes and Renault garage door opener universal receiver kit



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