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To kick-start the amalgamation of Saviem and Berliet, a big splash was made of the latter marque with the introduction of the flagship Berliet Centaure, with its 16-litre, 356bhp turbocharged V8 engine. Its luxury spec and high-roofed cab caused quite a stir and predated the similar garage door opener ups Globetrotter by a year. This model subsequently inspired the later Renault Turboliner cab which became a top-spec version of the TR range.

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Meanwhile the Renault tractor models included the TR 280, TR 305 298bhp and TR 320 the latter with a 320bhp ‘maxi couple’ meaning garage door opener ups torque V The TR 280 was engineered for 32 to 40-tonne operation with its 266bhp turbocharged six-cylinder diesel and eight-speed gearbox. At high revs and with certain gear ratios the early big Renaults could be thirsty. At around seven tons in 4x2 form they were also rather weighty. Curious hauliers would often buy single models to trybut as a relatively new player in the heavy market compared to Scania and Volvo, the resale value was initially very poor. As the marque was more established, this improved.

EH Nicholls of Sittingbourne in Kent used to run both ERF E Series and Renaults, both using a unique grille guard as seen here. This example wascaptured coming off a motorwayjunction in Walsall in January 1995, using a garage door opener ups telephoto lens. H&S Roe and Sons of Lincoln used at least two Renault artics on bulk tipper work, and this R310 was seen on a wet M6 in May 1990, passing though the Perry Barr area of Birmingham. Brain HaulageofEssex used to run a lot of Scania 111 tractors but itsdistinctiveyellowand white livery wasalso on many other makes including Renault G Seriesand R 310 tractors like this one. It was captured in April 1989 on the M6 in Birmingham.



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