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A different take on an improved view for the driver

ft from 7 litres, it was killed following Chryslers takeover of Rootes in 1 No less radical was the new wave of distinctively British HGV cab designs introduced by the ERF KV Čĺĺă-Vue line, which pioneered both wraparound windscreens and glass reinforced plastic cabs. For vehicles produced in moderate volumes, GRP allowed panels with compound curves without incurring the high tooling costs of steel pressings. As a piece of styling, how leading-edge the KV was is easily garage door opener used The year of its debut, 1953, saw the launch of the Chevrolet Corvette, the world’s first volume production car with a wraparound windscreen.

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It was also the first volume-produced car with GRP bodywork, a feature that continues to distinguish the seventh-generation Corvette in production today. Commer 7-12 tonners were available with the radically different Rootes Group 3-litre, garage door opener used horizontally opposed three-cylinder, six-piston, blower supercharged TS3 two-stroke. A different take on an improved view for the driver was the short-snout FG Series of 5 to 5-tonners produced from 1960 until 1980 variously wearing Austin, Morris, BMC or Leyland badges. The curved windscreen gave a perfect view of the frontal arc and large lower vision panels gave a look-down view of the kerb and road surface at the front corners of the vehide. A further safety feature was the unique angled doors, allowing the crew to exit the cab without immediately stepping on to the pavement or road.

The doors were hinged at the rear. When fully open the front edge aligned with the screen pillar so did not project beyond the side of the truck. Engine choices included 2 and 8-litre garage door opener used ‘Big’ is relative. And in the 1950s Britain had two tradition-busting giants.



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