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Although Rotinoff output totalled only three dozen vehicles

For a period during that decade, the 330-ton-rated GTW Rotinoff Super Atlantic a 6x4 with a garage door opener user manual Rolls-Royce C8SFL supercharged straight-eight out-powered any other purpose-engineered prime mover in series production anywhere in the world at the time. The main customer was the Swiss Army. Bigger still were the two Leyland FV1200 prototype 6x6s conceived for subsequently cancelled British military requirements. Power was provided by a 510bhp direct-injection 18-litre Rover Meteorite petrol engine.

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At the opposite end of the scale but with equally handsome styling was the British Army's Rolls-Royce-engined garage door opener user manual 1-ton 4x It was distinguished for having parallelogram geometry allindependent suspension, something no contemporary 1950s car could boast Entering service with the British Army in 1966, the high mobility 5-ton war-load Alvis FV620 Stalwart 6x6 amphibian was another hugdy innovative Brit with no direct With 500bhp, the two mid-1950s Leyland FV1200 6x6 prototypes were exceptional for the time. Massive at over 10 feet wide, British Army plans for hundreds got the chop. Although Rotinoff output totalled only three dozen vehicles in its brief 1950s existence, for a period, the Super Atlantic was the world's most powerful truck in series production. The Rootes Group's British Army Humber 1-tonner has the distinction of being the only truck ever put into production in the UK with all-round independent suspension.

The 1960 mid-engined Trunker prototypes had single rears; neither steered, a disadvantage in the wet. Scammell's later COE development had a steered lead bogie axle. counterpart built anywhere else in the world It sported equal axle-spacing, garage door opener user manual independent suspension, disc brakes and a 240bhp Rolls-Royce straight-eight petrol engine buried in the hull. And it had vectored thrust water jet propulsion even before jet skis. Its complexity didn’t help reliability, and transmission wind-up caused problems, particularly running on surfaced roads rather than cross-country on unprepared ground.



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