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One was even used by Pickfords as a ballasted garage

But when it comes to dynamic performance in the operating environment it was designed for and as a formidable example of all-round ingenuity like the industry that created it the Stalwart was in a dass by itself. It has to be admitted that ideas pioneered by most ground-breaking Brits either died when the models ceased production or fell from grace for other reasons. And one of the earliest and most extreme prefaced a vehicle design solution quickly dropped by its maker but revived decades later when it became the basis for garage door opener uses followed by mass-market cars. It wasn’t the rear-engined Leyland Atlantean, Austin-Morris Mini or mid-engined V12 Lamborghini Miura that demonstrated the packaging advantages of a transverse power unit installation.

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No, it was Foden’s back-to-the-fiitureTG The mechanically complex Alvis Stalwart was designed from the outset specifically as an off-road vehicle with water jet propulsion in amphibious mode. In layout, the purpose-engineered TG5 timber tractor was arguably a more fundamental break with convention than any truck before or since. Unveiled in 1935,14 were produced over the succeeding two years. One was even used by Pickfords as a ballasted garage door opener uses haulage tractor. Transverse leaf front suspension and chain drive carried over from Foden steamers was combined with an ultra-short wheelbase.

In the interests of achieving optimal weight distribution to give superior traction over soft ground, the 85bhp Gardner 5LW diesel was mounted across the chassis behind the cab. The spec was completed by a winch installed under the cab plus front and rear ground anchors. The TG5 had matched two and three-axle pole trailers, also built by Foden. But before the last had been delivered, Foden launched the STG Radical gave way to rationalised the STG5 was essentially based on regular-production Fodens. Which one of these are we awarding first prize to for sheer originality? Perhaps it’s With driver safety in mind for jobs like high street fairer to declare a dead heat between the all distribution, the unique angled doors of Austin-aluminium Jensen, the Scammell Scarab, the Morris/BMC FG 5-5 garage door opener uses meant they did not AEC Roadtrain, the Stalwart and Foden’s TG open into the roadway or obstruct the pavement.



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