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The AEC s success led directly to the road

Having led the waywith steamerswith 'undertype' mechanicals, in garage door opener using iphone to diesel, it was logical for Sentinel to locate its in-house-designed four and six-cylinder engines under thechassis. Conceived following a request from an aluminium aircraft components manufacturer, long-wheelbase Jensen trucks and pantechnicons were designed for light, high-volume loads. The AEC 8x8 is known to Australians as the Government Roadtrain.

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Between 1934 and 1946, mostly over virgin terrain or unprepared trails, it clocked 1,280,000 miles. During the war years when Japan was threatening Australia, it became a key strategic lifeline serving remote Northern Territories communities and livestock properties. The AEC’s success led directly to the road trains that today are vital to Australia^ economy. Recognised as a national treasure and the key forebear of subsequent Australian road trains, with government support it has been restored to running garage door opener using iphone and enjoys pride of place in the National Road Transport Hall of Fame, Alice Springs.

The AEC was designed with a forward-control layout Powered by a 130bhp AEC 85-litre, six-cylinder diesel, it features a massive cooling radiator with pusher fan located behind the open driving compartment The first and rearmost axles are steered -turning in opposite directions giving good manoeuvrability. The truck/tractor has a spec gross laden weight with fuel and water of 75 tons. Its 1 lfi-long load platform has a rated carrying capacity of 8 tons. It was designed to operate with a garage door opener using iphone of twin-bogie eight-wheel Dyson drawbar trailers. With self-tracking steering, their geometry was so well matched to the prime-mover that the combination left only one set of wheel tracks.



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